WingPoints® Rewards Program

Let your WingPoints® Rewards Card earn you gift cards from leading retailers and restaurants or a pre-paid debit card acceptable at thousands of locations. Would you rather donate your points to charity? You can do that, too.

Get Your Card

Pick up a card at any participating WingPoints® location and call 1-866-703-5680. Or click here to enroll.

Instant Rewards

Redeem your WingPoints rewards and use immediately. No need to wait for rewards to mature before use. You earn at least 10 points per gallon each time you purchase fuel at a participating WingPoints® FBO. Some locations offer special promotions and bonus points. And WingPoints Cardholders may even earn instant rewards, as the WingPoints program from time to time generates "Instant Winners" through a special "trigger" message printed at the bottom of receipts. The more you buy, the better your chances to be an instant winner. To find out about current promotions and contests, click here.

Earn Double Points

Use your Phillips 66® Aviation Card with your WingPoints® Rewards Card and get twice as many points. Find out more at a participating Philips 66® Aviation FBO. Or click here.

Participating Locations

Earn points every time you refuel, then spread your wings and buy away!
Click here for a list of participating WingPoints® locations.

Looking for an FBO? Get the WingPoints App

WingPoints Cardholders, download now or click here to learn more.