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From the air to the ground, the Phillips 66® Aviation Personal Credit Card makes your daily travels and weekend excursions easier. Customers can use their Personal Credit Card at more than 800 Phillips 66 branded aviation FBOs across the country – including self-service and pay-at-the-pump sites. And they can gas up at any of thousands of Phillips 66®, Conoco and 76® gas stations nationwide.

Beyond fuel, pilots can use the Phillips 66 Personal Credit Card to pay for hangar fees, tie-downs, and to get cash at ATMs nationwide.

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Young Eagles volunteer pilots get a $1/gallon rebate on all avgas purchases†

When you use your new Personal Credit Card, Young Eagles volunteer pilots will receive a $1/gallon rebate. To get your rebate form, click here.

LIMITED-TIME OFFER: Fly Savvy® Rewards - Earn 50¢ per gallon in Fuel Statement Credits from 4/1 - 9/30/18*

When you open and use a Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card, you can earn 50 cents per gallon for the first 30 days when you purchase 45 gallons or more per month. You'll receive savings as a fuel statement credit for your first gallon up to 110 gallons in any qualifying billing cycle. From day 31 to 90, you’ll earn 10 cents a gallon - and 5 cents a gallon after the first 90 days. That's not just smart - that's savvy. *

Earn points when used with WingPoints® Rewards Card

When you use both your Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card and your WingPoints® Rewards Card to purchase avgas, you earn points. Those points can be redeemed for pre-paid debit cards, gift cards or donations to your favorite charity. To find out more, click here.

No annual fee **

Accepted at hundreds of FBOs

Use your card at over 800 Phillips 66 branded aviation FBOs across the country.

Nationwide acceptance at thousands of Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 gas stations

Every stop at the service station is convenient and easy with the Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card.

Online account management to view transactions, pay bills and more

You can review current statements and unbilled charges as well as make and schedule appointments – all online.

ATM Cash Access††

Use your card at ATMs nationwide.

$0 liability on unauthorized charges‡‡

Feel secure knowing you have no liability for unauthorized charges.

Additional cards at no cost***

Access your account by clicking the link below or contact (855) 513-1176 (855) 513-1176

Account Access

† See Young Eagles Terms and Conditions for details.

* Open a Phillips 66® Aviation Credit Card April 1- September 30, 2018, purchase 45 or more gallons per billing cycle and you can earn: (1) $0.50 per gallon in Fuel Statement Credits during the first 30 days after account opening. The $0.50 per gallon in Fuel Statement Credits offer is a limited time offer and is in lieu of the standard account opening introductory offer of $0.10 per gallon; (2) $0.10 per gallon in Fuel Statement Credits from day 31 – 90; and (3) $0.05 per gallon in Fuel Statement Credits thereafter (every day offer). You will earn Fuel Statement Credits for your first gallon up to 110 gallons every qualifying billing cycle. Maximum of $99.00 in Fuel Statement Credits may be earned in a 12-month period as measured beginning in your December billing cycle. Subject to credit approval. See Reward Program Terms in credit card application or visit for details.

‡See WingPoints® Rewards Program Term for details.

** As of 4/1/18 for New Accounts: Purchase APR is 28.49%. Minimum interest charge is $2.

††Subject to credit approval. Transaction Fees apply. See your cardholder terms and conditions for details.

‡‡Unauthorized use does not include charges by a person to whom you have given authority to use your account or card, and you will be liable for all use by such person.

***The Primary card holder will be liable for all purchases made on the account, including those made by an authorized user.

Phillips 66® Aviation WingPoints® Rewards Card

Make the most of every trip with the Phillips 66 Aviation WingPoints Rewards Card. Unlike conventional rewards cards, you can redeem your points immediately for gift cards from leading retailers and restaurants – or for a pre-paid debit card acceptable at thousands of locations.

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