Phillips 66® Aviation fbo programs
quality assurance and training
Ensuring that only the highest-quality fuels are pumped into an aircraft takes dedication and teamwork from the professionals at every FBO. Pilots count you for fuel that meets specifications every time. They trust you to store it and handle it properly so that it remains free of contamination and water. That doesn't happen without a lot of effort and teamwork, but it all begins with a foundation of knowledge.

We conduct quality-control seminars at airports across the country throughout the year. These classroom and ramp-training sessions allow for sharing knowledge and industry standards and are free of charge to Phillips 66 Aviation branded dealers.

CFR Part 139
Phillips 66 provides access to online training to meet both the CFR Part 139.321 (e) (1) Fuel Safety Supervisor and CFR Part 139.321 € (2) Line Fuel Service training requirement.

Training DVDs
Our classroom material is complemented by DVDs and workbooks provided free to Phillips 66 Aviation branded dealers. This gives your line service supervisors additional tools to ensure standardized training for all your crews.

Each Phillips 66 Aviation branded FBO is routinely inspected. Our technical support personnel will help you ensure your facility is ready for business working to ensure the delivery of clean, dry and on-spec fuel.

Phillips 66 Chemists, Scientists and Laboratories An industry-leading team of fuel specialists stand ready to help you review any quality issues that arise in the course of business. Emergency sampling and testing can also provide peace of mind if an aircraft accident occurs. Not all aviation fuel suppliers are refiners. Not all refiners are created equal. Choose a supplier that excels at aviation – a supplier like Phillips 66 Aviation, excelling for over 88 years.

Get your crew the knowledge that they need by becoming a Phillips 66 Aviation branded FBO.