OSHKOSH, Wis. – Two of the aviation industry's top lubricant experts answered questions and discussed engine protection during the 2012 AirVenture at the Phillips 66 Aviation tent.

Barry Mandelbaum and Steven Strollo, lubricant engineering experts with Phillips 66, brought 43 years of combined experience in the field to pilots interested in learning more about the inside story on aviation engine oils. Both experts answered a wide range of questions, technical and general, and help pilots select the right engine oil for their aircraft.

Phillips 66 Aviation engineers have developed significant firsts in the lubricant industry, including the first multigrade piston aviation oil (Phillips Aviation X/C® 20W-50) and the only multigrade oil approved for engines designed for the 120 grade (X/C® 25W-60).

Mandelbaum has nearly three decades of experience with lubricant manufacturing, quality control, field testing, used oil analysis, application engineering and failure analysis.

For the past five years, Strollo has hosted aviation engine oil forums at the Sun 'n Fun International Fly-in. Stollo provides FAA Inspection Authorization refresher training for aviation piston engine oils, and is one of Phillips 66 Aviation's primary contacts for aviation engine rebuilders.

Approved by the FAA and leading engine manufacturers worldwide, the Phillips 66 line of aviation lubricants features single- and multi-viscosity engine oils that can protect the engine from break-in to TBO, in extremes from Alaska to the tropics. Phillips 66 Aviation lubricants line also includes protective additive packages and the highest quality hydraulic fluids.


I scoped my engine and found rust. Can I run a specific oil to clean up the rust, or do I need to tear down the engine?

I've heard that single-grade aviation engine oils adhere better to engine parts. What's the truth about oil retention in my aviation piston engine?

How do I know if I need to use an aviation piston engine oil with an anti-scuff additive?

I use synthetic engine oil in my car, is there any advantage to using synthetic engine oil in my aviation piston engine?

What is the difference between a dispersant and a detergent in aviation piston engine oil?