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SUN ‘n FUN 2023: Phillips 66®Aviation Fuel and Lubricants Connect for Annual Event

April, 2023

Phillips 66® Aviation retuned to Lakeland, Florida this year for the 49th annual SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo from March 28-April 2. From educational forums to aviation pilot meet and greets, the Phillips 66 team was engaged throughout the event.



To highlight, Senior Quality Control & Technical Support Representative Keith Clark hosted several sessions throughout the week, covering misfuelling prevention and other aviation safety precautions. He also raised awareness of the widely known Save a Life, Verify Fuel Type campaign—a Phillips 66-born and-led effort that serves to educate FBOs and pilots on the importance of verifying fuel types in aircraft to prevent accidents.

“SUN ‘n FUN not only allows attendees the chance to expand their knowledge and see new innovations within the industry, but it also offers exhibitors the opportunity to meet aviation enthusiasts and directly connect with customers,” said Malonie Ayers, Director of Sponsorship Development for SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo. “We appreciate Phillips 66’s continued participation and the excitement and expertise they bring to our 200,000+ visitors year after year.”

In addition, the Phillips 66 team greeted fellow pilots and flight enthusiasts with educational forums and oil products. Phillips 66 Lubricants provided additional speaking opportunities, with Field Engineer Steven Strollo presenting, “Piston Aviation Oil—Dispelling the Myths.”

“SUN ‘n FUN offers the Phillips 66 team the opportunity to meet our customers and educate consumers,” said Sunny Lopez, Phillips 66 Aviation Manager. “As a renowned fuel provider, it is crucial to be present at industry events and build lasting relationships.”



The 2024 SUN ‘N FUN Aerospace Expo will be held April 9-14.

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