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Arrow energy – providing large scale service to mid-sized FBOs

Arrow Energy is a value-added reseller of Phillips 66® Aviation branded fuel. Customers vary from airports, airlines, air charter operators, aerial applicators, heliports and corporation flight departments, as well as more than 60 Phillips 66 branded small-to-midsized FBOs. In short, Arrow Energy propels aviation in 12 states for Phillips 66, from the Great Lakes region to Texas, to several places in between.

Owner Craig Faiman along with Aviation Fuel Sales Manager Tom Buhr have worked in the aviation business from the ground up. Their vast aviation knowledge allows Arrow Energy to truly cater to their customers’ needs, and partnering with Phillips 66 aligns the organization with a recognizable, reliable fuel supplier. Faiman incorporated Arrow Energy more than 25 years ago, and partnered with Phillips 66 in 1991.

The Benefits of the Brand

“The biggest thing that I tell customers is the power of the brand behind our company,” said Buhr. “While we can provide the best customer service, we need the power of the Phillips 66 brand to support everything from fuel supply to the WingPoints® Rewards program, to the Phillips 66® Aviation credit cards, to quality assurance, which in turn helps us legitimize our customers, the FBOs, in the world of larger fuel suppliers.”

Arrow Energy also takes advantage of the Partners-Into-Plane contract fuel program offered by Phillips 66. Not only does Arrow Energy provide fuel to Phillips 66 branded FBOs, but they also resell fuel via the contract fuel program to part 91 corporate operators, air ambulance, air cargo, part 135 charter operators and specialty airlines. The Into-Plane program allows Arrow Energy to provide high-volume fuel to these qualifying operators at bulk fuel pricing.

Promoting Quality Assurance at Every Level

“Another benefit of aligning with Phillips 66 is the access we have to,” said Faiman. “This particular online training tool strengthens our business, and our customers’ businesses, allowing us to take full advantage of quality assurance and safety training courses online and in person. We just wouldn’t be able to provide such quality assurance to that level without being branded Phillips 66.”

Arrow Energy goes above and beyond with their quality assurance by also controlling the aviation fuel delivery. Faiman started Pinnacle Express in 1995, an aviation-dedicated common carrier that hauls Arrow Energy’s fuel. This exclusivity in fuel handling and delivery gives Arrow Energy even more control over the quality of the product delivered to their customers. The fleet of 25 trucks exclusively delivers aviation fuel and their drivers are fully knowledgeable about their cargo and regularly performing gravity tests before and after deliveries. This method minimizes all quality control issues from the loading rack to the customers, to providing the cleanest fuel to Arrow Energy’s customers.

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