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CityServiceValcon:  Above and Beyond Fuel

In business since 1932, CityServiceValcon is an independently owned energy distribution business marketing Phillips 66® branded energy products for over 67 years. Headquartered in Kalispell, Montana, CityServiceValcon emphasizes a safe and healthy environment for its employees to distribute gasoline, diesel, lubricants and aviation fuel across the United States using innovative services, logistic expertise and a focus on its customers.

Through their relationship with Phillips 66 Aviation, CityServiceValcon currently supports over 200 aviation accounts from large FBOs to municipal airports, corporate flight departments, and commercial and agricultural end users. Options include both branded and unbranded solutions depending on the needs of the customer.

Large but Nimble

CityServiceValcon provides customized programs, which include quality control assistance, logistics, credit card processing and equipment procurement, to their valued customers. They pride themselves on their ongoing mission to provide outstanding service and top-quality products in a professional and safe manner to form mutually beneficial business relationships that last. They operate a proprietary transportation fleet, use state-of-the-art logistics software and offer dedicated quality control staff to serve independent businesses.

CityServiceValcon also uses industry leading NATA Safety 1st training programs and other resources provided by Phillips 66 through, an online resource center provided to all Phillips 66 branded dealers. Additionally, CityServiceValcon provides extensive training to its employees including safety, product handling, personal and professional development, and customer service.

Prioritizing Customer Service and Customer Solutions

CityServiceValcon’s diverse supply, products and services, along with its long-standing relationship with Phillips 66, is the foundation to provide unique and customized solutions to FBOs, airlines, flight departments, helicopter operators, military and other distributors. From mobile operation logistics to point of sale equipment, credit card processing and refueler options, CityServiceValcon delivers solutions to its valued customers.

Through its 90-plus Phillips 66 branded FBOs, CityServiceValcon also delivers the powerful branded programs that set Phillips 66 dealers apart from their competition, such as Contract Fuel, corporate credit cards, WingPoints® Rewards, co-op advertising, excess liability insurance and of course, quality control programs and training resources.

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