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DuPage Flight Center: Safe and Efficient Operations Poised for Growth

DUPAGE, Ill. – DuPage Flight Center (KDPA) – a full-service FBO owned by DuPage Airport Authority (DAA) – is well known in the industry for providing world-class services and reliable supply. Located just one hour from the heart of Chicago and within minutes of western Chicago’s major commercial centers, it’s one of North America’s premier business aviation facilities and the destination for corporate and private aviation needs.

The DuPage Flight Center is currently gearing up for the 2019 BMW Championship, part of the PGA TOUR schedule, at nearby Medinah Country Club August 13 – 18. As the host airport, all the players, sponsors and spectators that arrive via aircraft will be flying through DuPage Flight Center. What makes the FBO able to handle this traffic is the Airport’s runways, its massive ramp space, dedicated transient hangar capacity and fuel farm that can hold 60,000 gallons of jet fuel.

No stranger to these kinds of high-traffic events, DuPage successfully hosted the Ryder Cup in 2012 during which the FBO had over 65 jets on the ground at one time!

Services, Amenities and Space, Oh My!

There are many attributes that make DuPage Flight Center unique. For starters, the FBO offers an on-site Customs and Border Protection (CBP) operation, which is currently slated for renovation. The upgraded facility, located within the FBO, will help provide the best possible customer experience.

Additionally, the FBO and Airport’s winter weather capabilities and snow removal team are second to none. In fact, the Airport hasn’t closed due to snow in more than 30 years. DuPage provides de-icing (Type I) and anti-icing (Type IV) and always goes the extra mile when there’s an impending storm to ensure everything runs smoothly and planes depart on time, regardless of weather conditions.

But what you might find most unique, DuPage Airport and Flight Center is the only facility of its kind in Illinois with four active runways, two ILS approaches and a one-million-square-foot transient apron. This translates into safe and efficient operations. Spanning 7,571 feet long and 150 feet wide, Runway 2L/20R is the second longest runway in Chicagoland after O’Hare International Airport (ORD). It can accommodate all large corporate aircraft, including the Boeing Business Jet.

The FBO completed a new 32,000-square-foot transient hangar in 2017, and another hangar could be built soon. The property has a 900-foot ramp and multiple building sites ready to build on today. Having the land, space and capital from DAA creates a nimble operation that can expand quickly to meet customer demands.

“DuPage Airport and DuPage Flight Center are designed specifically for the GA/corporate customers,” said Mark Doles, Executive Director, DuPage Flight Center. “The facilities and amenities, coupled with our amazing staff, provide our customers with the safest most efficient option in Chicagoland.”

Reliable Fuel Supply with Phillips 66

Another key element FBOs need to accommodate is an increased demand – whether for a high-traffic event or long-term business growth – for a reliable fuel supply. And DuPage Flight Center, which has offered Phillips 66 fuel to its customer base since 1995, can check that box, too.

“We value our long-term partnership with Phillips 66 Aviation. They’re a superior company that produces a high-quality product with guaranteed inventory,” said Brian DeCoudres, General Manager, DuPage Flight Center. “We never worry about our supply. When we place fuel orders, we know we’re going to get it.”

The FBO also utilizes various programs offered through Phillips 66, including WingPoints Rewards and, an online, searchable fuel-handling library to help FBOs safely provide clean, dry, on-spec fuel every time.

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