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High-end luxury and high-class service: fontainebleau aviation lives up to its name

MIAMI – With a name like Fontainebleau, customers expect a certain standard of excellence. The 60-year-old Fontainebleau brand, most notable for the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, is extravagant, sophisticated and glamorous.

And that’s exactly what customers experience when they stop at Fontainebleau Aviation, an FBO at Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport (KOPF). Owned by Turnberry Associates, one of the country’s premier real estate development and hospitality groups which also owns the famed Fontainebleau Hotel, Fontainebleau Aviation pride themselves on living up to their name, providing a luxurious destination and customer service to match.

“Fontainebleau is operated by a bunch of young, energetic, high-tempo, relentless professionals that don’t stop. We’re truly representative of what defines the city of Miami,” said Bobby Courtney, Vice President of Aviation and General Manager of the FBO. “Our team is passionate about aviation and our business, and that energy, passion and grit is very apparent to our customers.”

The FBO offers 235,000 square feet of first-class hangar space, a 12,000-square-foot arrivals/departures canopy – the largest in the southeast region – and a chic two-story terminal complete with conference rooms, pilot’s lounge, snooze rooms and a mini market. The facility sits on 42 acres of land, providing 17 acres of ramp, a dual-access terminal and one of the longest runways in the country, accommodating all types of aircraft.

A History and Future of Growth

The FBO was originally a private jet facility, Turnberry Aviation. In 2012, the company acquired its own fuel service and began operating as a full-service FBO, which the owners decided to rebrand into today’s Fontainebleau Aviation. At the time, the company had only 18 employees and sold 1 million gallons of fuel per year.

After only a few years, but much hard work and determination, the operation grew to 60 employees and sold four million gallons of fuel per year. At that time, ownership decided to build a brand-new 115,000-square-foot facility. This $27 million expansion, which took two years to plan, design and build, was spearheaded by Courtney.

“It was important for us to design a facility that matched the Fontainebleau brand,” said Courtney. “With the rebrand came major expectations to live up to the prestige of the existing brand. So we made sure the new facility is just as chic and glamorous as somebody would expect.”

The new facility opened in March 2017, and today, the operation employs 80 staff and sells 6 million gallons of fuel per year. Over the last two years, the business has seen a 150 percent increase in revenue, and while the management team is proud of what they’ve accomplished, they have no plans to slow down.

“We’re still focused on winning clientele, earning trust and building a product that’s better than anything else out there – not just in South Florida, but compared to anything in the country,” said Anthony Banome, Director of Sales for Fontainebleau Aviation. “We want people to say we have the best set-up, the best facility, the best people they’ve ever come across. The keyword being ‘ever.’”

Fontainebleau is already planning their next expansion in preparation for Super Bowl LIV, which will be held in Miami in 2020. The operation plans to build another 32,000-square-foot hangar and an additional 60,000 gallon fuel farm.

Hurricane Preparedness alongside Phillips 66

Fontainebleau has been a part of the Phillips 66® branded FBO network since 2013 and relies on Phillips 66 to supply their aviation fuel in the most critical circumstances – such as when a natural disaster strikes. In hurricane-prone Miami, a reliable fuel supply is a must to keep an FBO operational during a crisis.

“We need a reliable fuel supply, and that’s what I know Phillips 66 offers,” said Courtney. “I knew that hell or high water, Phillips 66 would move mountains to get me what I need, when I need it. The entire Phillips 66 team is second to none.”

Due to the dependable fuel supply from Phillips 66, Fontainebleau was the only one of three FBOs at OPF that was able to stay open during Hurricane Irma in September 2017. Because of this, the FBO was able – and proud – to aid in the relief effort and help the community return to normal. Their hospitality and support during the hurricane was even recognized by the Florida Army National Guard.

In addition to relying on Phillips 66 for fuel, Fontainebleau utilizes various programs the company offers their FBO network, including the Partners-Into-Plane Contract Fuel ProgramPhillips 66 WingPoints® Rewards Program, and the Phillips 66 Aviation Wings® Card.

To learn more about Fontainebleau Aviation, visit their website.

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