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Henriksen jet center has Texas covered with the world’s largest arrival canopy

According to, Houston and Austin, Texas, averages almost 100 days per year with temperatures of 90°F. Needless to say, Texas is hot, but Phillips 66® Aviation branded Henriksen Jet Center has a convenient solution for customers landing at its Houston and Austin facilities to beat the heat – arrival canopies. While both FBO facilities have this amenity, Henriksen Houston boasts the world's largest FBO arrival canopy , measuring 32,800 square feet. Pilots and passengers alike can deplane in the shade, under a roomy space large enough to cover a pair of Boeing Business Jets parked side by side.

In addition to their canopies, what makes these FBOs unique are the fact that they both service privately owned airports – Houston Executive Airport and Austin Executive Airport. Ron Henriksen, who is still very involved with the day-to-day happenings, owns both. He's an aviation enthusiast who previously worked as a corporate pilot.

When Ron established Henriksen Jet Center and both Executive Airports, he knew the private facilities would offer a huge benefit to pilots. Since there are no commercial services at either airport, pilots and travelers can enjoy quick turns and limited delays at the state-of-the-art, upscale facilities.

Service offerings at both full-service FBO facilities include 24-hour operation, Phillips 66 Aviation jet-A and avgas fuel, a VIP parking garage, aircraft ground cooling and long-term ground leases.

Henriksen Austin

Austin Executive Airport Manager Jodie Kaluza basically grew up at Sugarland Regional Airport where she worked for 13 years. She has a passion for educating people about general aviation facilities, and joined Henriksen Austin in 2013.

"Austin is known all over the country for being this gem," Kaluza said. "The city is certainly a destination, rather than just a fuel stop. Not only does our facility service business travelers, especially in the technology sector, but a large part of our business is also travelers who come to town for pleasure, including Formula One races and college football games."

It's apparent that the facilities at Austin Executive Airport are highly regarded by pilots, this year recognized as one of top 20% Highest Rated FBOs in the Americas in the 2015 Aviation International News FBO survey.

"This award is especially meaningful because its shows that pilots appreciate the great FBO experience that we're trying to build, including our service offerings and comfortable facility," said Kaluza. "In particular, the WingPoints® Rewards program is very popular among customers," said Kaluza. "Customers come in to Henriksen specifically asking for it."

Henriksen Houston

Ron Henriksen began construction of Houston Executive Airport in 2005 and the airport opened in August 2006. Andrew Perry serves as Houston's executive director and vice president of development for Austin Executive Airport. He joined the Henriksen team in March 2006 to direct the construction and development of the 2,000-acre airport.

Henriksen and Houston Executive Airport mainly supports business travel, with facilities located close to the bustling Energy Corridor of the city. They were voted the number one ACE FBO, a top 50 U.S. FBO and a TOP 25 Star FBO in Fltplan's 2015 Pilot's Choice Awards™.

When asked about future growth of the operations, Perry mentioned that he hopes to have a continuation of controlled growth as a leading aviation center in the country. The aviation community needs are extremely important to one of the fastest growing areas in the country and Henriksen hopes to develop accordingly.

"Phillips 66 is a staple in the aviation industry and the brand is synonymous with quality," said Perry. "Both Henriksen locations have been branded Phillips 66 since 2010. The steady fuel supply and outstanding customer service has always been great. And the additional Phillips 66-supported FBO programs, including quality control and safety, works very well for our organization."

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