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Great falls has it all with holman aviation

For 68 years, hard work from a dedicated family has served as the backbone of Holman Aviation, a Phillips 66® Aviation branded Fixed Base Operator (FBO) in Great Falls, Montana. Dwight Holman has been President of Holman Aviation for the past 26 years. Holman succeeded his father, Homer Holman, a proud Marine and flight instructor, who founded the FBO in 1950. In addition to providing outstanding service and top-rated Phillips 66 fuel, Holman Aviation is also a certified repair station, a military landing hub and a U.S. Customs port of entry.

Customs, Military & Safety

Malmstrom Air Force Base, one of the few U.S. nuclear missile bases, is located only 10 miles from Holman Aviation. Due to its proximity, the FBO regularly services and assists military aircraft and personnel. “Whether we are serving top brass generals, a special engineering squadron or courier flights, it is imperative that safety is our number one priority,” says Holman. “I am proud that we can do our part to guarantee the safety of our visitors by ensuring that our staff are NATA Safety 1st trained and certified, a program offered by Phillips 66 to branded FBOs.”

Holman Aviation not only has the honor of welcoming military personnel and aircraft visiting Malmstrom Air Force Base, but the FBO is also located at Great Falls International Airport, serving as a U.S. Customs port of entry. This includes servicing aircraft entering the U.S. for the first time, stopping to get Phillips 66 fuel before continuing to their final destination within the U.S. “Our visitors are not only aircraft from Canada, which is only 100 miles away,” says Holman, “but we also have a lot of aircraft coming in from Europe and Asia – including Russian flights that fly over the top of the world to land here in Montana!”

Future Female-Led FBO

Following in her father and grandfather’s footsteps, you can find Jamie Ronholdt at Holman Aviation, playing a pivotal role in assisting in helping the facility’s operations running efficiently. Ronholdt, now 34 years old, returned to Great Falls after receiving a business degree from Montana State University in Bozeman. With a business background and a passion for aviation, Ronholdt leads customer service and serves as the primary administrative assistant at Holman Aviation.

Ronholdt hopes to continue the family legacy by becoming the next president of the FBO. She would be the first female president of Holman Aviation, working alongside the FBO’s first female Chief Financial Officer, Roxann Tveter. “I would be honored to sit behind the desk that my father and grandfather have manned for 68 years,” says Ronholdt. “As I grew up and learned more about the business and about my own passion for flying, I knew that I wanted to land back at Holman Aviation.”

Holman Aviation proudly participates in the WingPoints® Rewards Program and the Partners-Into-Plane Contract Fuel Program. To learn more about Holman Aviation, visit their website at

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