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Originally known as Koch Oil Company (pronounced Cook), ASAP Energy first opened in 1979 as a gasoline service station. Today, the 300-plus employee company provides more than just aviation fuel, but also lubricants, trucking services, farm fuel and much more to clientele across Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Missouri, Colorado, New Mexico and Arkansas.

Brian Lohman, aviation manager of the Weatherford, Oklahoma-based fuel vendor, says that Phillips 66’s supportive team and excellent customer service is an extension of ASAP’s own exceptional customer service, which has been a priority since its beginnings over 40 years ago.

Oklahoma has played a huge role in aviation, as its central location in the United States offers a respite for planes to refuel.

“Most smaller planes cannot go from coast to coast, whether it be general aviation or corporate,” Lohman said. “Oklahoma has always had a knack for aviation and ASAP is proud to be part of its history.”

Lohman, too, has always had a love for aviation, growing up with pilots in his family. However, Lohman didn’t start investing in his passion until almost 17 years ago when he set out to receive his pilot’s license.

“I started at ASAP Energy in 2006, originally a part of the convenience store team and then the dispatch team as our trucking services grew,” Lohman said. “Being from an aviation family, my knowledge and interests were already there so I fit into the aviation side of the business well.”

Since then, ASAP has grown tremendously, making a name for itself in the Weatherford region and beyond. ASAP takes part in several air shows and aviation events across its vast customer locations and even donates one penny back per gallon of aviation fuel sold back to several groups.

“We also contribute to the OK Women in Aviation Annual Symposium, which invites women to become more involved in aviation and offers current women in aviation to discuss their pathways to the industry,” Lohman said.

In addition, ASAP Energy also bolsters the local high school’s aviation program, in which Lohman is personally involved.

“This was the program’s first year, and we had 78 students sign up,” Lohman said. “We recognize the pilot and mechanic shortage and believe that if we are proactive and offer the profession at a young age, we can alleviate the issue.”

It’s the community connections that have brought ASAP Energy to where it is today—a highly trusted fuel provider with a customer base that spans seven states.

“The aviation community is so different than anything I have ever been involved in and everyone in the industry is so passionate about what they do,” Lohman said. “The industry as a whole is great at giving back and supporting each other in our work through our shared passion.”

Lohman is glad to share this passion with Phillips 66 Aviation, who has been supplying ASAP Energy with aviation fuel since 2019.

“Phillips 66 also values customer service, making them a great business partner for ASAP Energy,” Lohman said. “Being likeminded companies that are willing to help, no matter the ask, it’s another reason why we have such a great partnership.”