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The gateway to the finest beaches on the Gulf Coast, the Innisfree Jet Center, not only offers quick access to one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country, but an unbeatable experience. For pilots, the five-star resort treatment begins at Innisfree.

Innisfree, a Phillips 66® branded fixed-base operator (FBO), has provided first-class service to the general aviation community since 2012. The center offers a state-of-the-art facility, an abundance of resources and outstanding service that keeps customers coming back.

“We go above and beyond the typical FBO,” said General Manager Tony Perez. “Our goal is to always meet customers’ travel needs and exceed their expectations. We want to do as much as we can to make their transition from airplane, to vehicle, to hotel room as easy as possible.”

Golden Values Make a Lasting Impression

At the core of Innisfree’s offerings are what Perez calls “golden values.” It’s about making that first impression, genuinely being of service to customers, and providing everything from reservation services and business capabilities, to car washing and rental car pickup.

But this “golden value” service extends well beyond the customers and into the community. The center also participates in the General Daniel “Chappie” James Flight Academy summer camp, providing lunches to the students. The summer camp, run largely for underprivileged children, allows kids the opportunity to learn about the science and mechanics of flight. Innisfree has been participating for the last five years, helping influence a younger generation and fostering a love of aviation among them.

A Peek at the Inside

The state-of-the-art, 24,800-square-foot building is complete with amenities to help pilots relax, regenerate and plan their next move. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, customers have the opportunity to work or play at the facility – enjoying everything from the business center and luxurious pilot’s lounge, to the putting green and stunning balcony with runway views.

The facility’s gorgeous, fully automated conference room is a popular destination for presentations, and Innisfree will proudly accommodate local business owners outside of the aviation field who are looking for a unique, modern, high-tech space for meetings.

More than Just Quality Fuel

The Innisfree Jet Center has been partnering with Phillips 66 Aviation for six years. But the partnership is about more than just quality fuel. Today’s FBOs depend on technology, financial data and trained employees to exceed customers’ expectations. Phillips 66 understands these needs and has several support programs in place that help Innisfree deliver a unique, safe and rewarding experience.

“We’re very happy with the programs offered and the standards Phillips 66 holds,” said Perez. “Not only are our golden values aligned, but safety is a priority at Phillips 66, and we love that. All flight line personnel at Innisfree are NATA Safety 1st trained and certified.”

Perez and the team at Innisfree rely on, an online resource center developed by Phillips 66 Aviation, which houses a range of information for fuel handlers, including technical data, specifications, training tools and links to additional industry guidance. “We use the Trusted Fuels resources all the time to help us reduce the chance of human error while handling fuel,” explains Perez.

Additionally, Perez relies on the annual audits conducted by Phillips 66 to ensure the Innisfree Jet Center is operating as a five-star FBO. “We look forward to the audits because we strive for perfection,” adds Perez. “The auditors are incredibly thorough and tough, and we view it as a challenge to earn a good score. It’s fantastic for our FBO to be held to such high standards.”

Innisfree Jet Center proudly participates in Phillips 66 WingPoints® Rewards Program. To learn more about Phillips 66 FBO support and incentive programs, click here.

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