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Jet aviation’s five-star standard for the movers and shakers of the world

Jet Aviation has become a major player in the global aviation business since its inception in Basel, Switzerland, instilling its distinct “Swiss quality” service across 30 airport facilities in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. The company entered the U.S. market in the mid-1980s, establishing fixed-based operators (FBO) in Bedford, Massachusetts and West Palm Beach, Florida.

Recognizing the New York metropolitan area as the mecca of the corporate marketplace, Jet Aviation opened its Teterboro FBO (KTEB) at the Teterboro Airport in 1988, also acquiring the Teterboro-based Executive Air Fleet – the largest aircraft management and charter company in North America – firmly establishing itself as one of the most convenient gateways to the booming Big Apple. Jet Aviation Teterboro, supplied by World Fuel Services as a Phillips 66® branded FBO, which opened a new 40,000 square-foot hangar in February 2017, is now one of the largest FBO complexes in the country, offering domestic and international handling, which on peak days sees as much traffic as LaGuardia Airport.

In the Wake of Tragedy, Reaffirming Safety and Customer Experience

As with most other airports prior to 9/11, barriers to entry were a lot less complex. Following the tragedy, Jet Aviation recognized the need to adhere to increased security measures, while still preserving its five-star quality service – especially as it neared the opening of a new five-story facility at Jet Aviation Teterboro, just 12 miles away from Midtown Manhattan. The approach: Make everyone’s experience as seamless as possible.

Jet Aviation Teterboro, a part of the Air Elite global network, is witness to some of the world’s most powerful and celebrated names, from movie stars to Fortune 500 CEOs, who are accustomed to a certain level of customer satisfaction. As such, Jet Aviation implemented a carefully designed experience at its FBO, with the utmost quality service at every touchpoint. In true New York fashion, customers who pull up to Jet Aviation Teterboro are met by a doorman, who oversees baggage handlers and transportation. Ambassadors bring customers into the lobby and serve them within the facility. They’re also there to greet passengers from the moment the aircraft touches down, to connecting them with the doorman for their departure.

Employees are trained yearly from both internal and external counselors so that they receive a variation of distinctive customer service training. Whether serving a celebrity, a CEO or the pilot of an aircraft, customer service representatives are trained to the Ritz-Carlton standard, on the phone or in person at the FBO counter, offering the same five-star experience for everyone who comes through the door.

“When it comes to service, safety and timeliness, we look at everything methodically, and have process-mapped every system so we never miss a step,” says Vice President of FBO Operations North America John Langevin. “From ensuring our captains stay on schedule, to tracking aircraft, to coordinating transportation, to addressing requests that come in overnight, we aim to deliver a seamless experience from start to finish.”

Jet Aviation also employs a safety director assigned to the Teterboro FBO, who oversees day-to-day safety briefings, security operations, training, bulletins and safety programs that uphold the Jet Aviation and Phillips 66 standards. The facility holds ISO and OHSA safety certifications, systems for measuring an organization’s environmental, health and safety impact. Jet Aviation has been awarded its Stage 1 certifications (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) for its global network of FBOs and is on track to reach Stage 2.

Looking to the Phillips 66 High-Quality Brand

As Jet Aviation picked up acquisitions in the 2000s, its U.S. FBOs continued to expand, and eventually the largest locations needed a fuel supplier who could support the increased demand of supply and delivery. The company sought a fuel provider with a quality to match its own evolving brand. Jet Aviation looked to Phillips 66 as an industry leader and trusted fuel supplier and signed on to Phillips 66 as an aviation dealer supplied by World Fuel Services in 2011, offering Jet A and 100LL avgas at its Teterboro FBO 24 hours a day. Jet Aviation has five Phillips 66 branded FBO locations, including Bedford, Massachusetts; Cahokia (St. Louis), Illinois; Dulles (Washington D.C.), Virginia; Houston; and West Palm Beach, Florida.

“We wanted a fuel provider that wasn’t going to act as a middleman; a company that actually manufactured its products and stood behind them. That’s how we came to Phillips 66 Aviation – it was as easy as that,” adds Langevin.

Jet Aviation Teterboro proudly participates in Phillips 66 WingPoints® Rewards Program, and offers the co-branded Phillips 66 Aviation Wings® Card, through which at least 70 percent of its transactions are made. To learn more about Phillips 66 FBO support and incentive programs, click here.

Jet Aviation celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017. To learn more about Jet Aviation, visit