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Midwest Corporate Aviation: A Legacy in Aviation

WICHITA, Kan. – Midwest Corporate Aviation (MCA) is the official reliever airport for the Air Capital of the World: Wichita, Kansas. You can expect red carpet service for all customers, no matter the size or type of aircraft – all day, every day. Being in the center of the United States, MCA is near the home base for aircraft manufacturers, which provides knowledge, support and parts.

The late Marvin Autry founded the company in 1973 as the only fixed based operator at Colonel James Jabara Airport. Since then, Marvin and his wife, Barbara, progressed Midwest Corporate Aviation to the largest privately owned fixed based operation in Kansas. Today, Barbara heads up a team of more than 40 service-oriented professionals, with most of them having record-breaking tenures in the company. The Autrys and their team made MCA into one of the region’s finest, providing a wide range of corporate and public services: hangar space, fuel, certified aircraft maintenance and avionics, inspection and repair, as well as aircraft charter. In 2018, Marvin posthumously received the Governor’s Aviation Award for the state of Kansas – an award created to preserve the memory of outstanding aviation contributions.

The Birth of LifeWATCH

Shortly after founding MCA, our nation’s first dedicated fixed-wing air ambulance program, LifeWATCH, was born. Marvin and Dr. Daniel K. Roberts learned of the high number of fatalities for mothers and babies in Western Kansas due to excessive time spent in ground ambulance transportation and decided to get involved. In October 1974, Marvin flew the first air ambulance flight to Beloit, Kansas, and transported a critically ill baby back to Wichita. During those early years, Marvin flew every flight carrying high-risk, critically ill mothers and babies. In 1976, Wesley Medical Center recognized the efforts of Dr. Dan Roberts and Marvin Autry and embraced the concept of flying mothers and babies into Wichita for vitally needed medical care. In 1978, helicopters were added for transporting trauma patients. The program thrived for 27 years, averaging 130 missions per month, with satellite bases in four different cities. Countless mothers, babies and trauma patients were saved. Today, every state in the United States has air ambulance programs based on the template created by LifeWATCH.

Flying into the Future

In the last year, the entire FBO was remodeled with new carpet, paint, furniture and décor, and a newly paved parking lot with LED lights and new security measures added to all hangar doors. USB ports and an all-new, easy-access Wi-Fi system have been added throughout the terminal. These upgrades are to ensure that all visitors can remain comfortable and connected during their stay.

Additionally, in late 2018, ground was broken for a new 18,000-square-foot hangar, which will enable MCA to provide first-class heated hangar space for transient aircraft, to include the largest of general aviation aircraft. The hangar will be available for occupancy May 2019.

MCA has been a Phillips 66 branded FBO for nearly 40 years and is proud to participate in the Contract Fuel program and WingPoints Rewards. The FBO also recently hosted a Phillips 66 quality assurance seminar on March 7, which was coordinated by Robert Gardiner, Fuel Quality Assurance Supervisor at MCA.

Gardiner has extensive experience with both general aviation and major airlines and provides much knowledge and expertise to MCA and its customers. He says, “I feel one of the most important things is to never become complacent about aviation fuel; one must always be diligent in your duties.”

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