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Purdue aviation: helping to prepare the next generation of aviation leaders

Phillips 66® Aviation branded Purdue Aviation, LLC is a full-service FBO located at the Purdue University Airport (KLAF), the second-busiest airport in the state. It offers premium flight support for all types of aircraft with services that include the expected FBO offerings like fuel sales, aircraft maintenance, flight training, aircraft rental and aircraft sales. An unexpected offering is the support provided for Purdue University’s School of Aviation & Transportation Technology, allowing students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience at the FBO as they pursue their dream jobs in the aviation industry.

Making an Impact on the Industry

Purdue Aviation functions as a for-profit business, serving the aviation community by providing the highest quality services and products at all times to its customers. Additionally, it supports the advancement of the aviation industry by supporting the School of Aviation & Transportation Technology at Purdue University. The school is replacing the previous focus on classrooms and textbooks with a focus on project-based learning by partnering with industry supporters for real-life challenges.

"I've been involved in the aviation industry for my entire life, following in the footsteps of my father, said Jeff Pittard, President of Purdue Aviation. "I feel very strongly about supporting the next generation of aviation leaders. Our special partnership with Purdue University allows students to work alongside our employees, gaining valuable on-the-job training. It is this type of hands-on learning experience that enables Purdue Aviation to be such a supporter to the aviation community and industry as a whole."

According to Purdue University’s website, economic forecasts suggest that a steady increase in traveling passenger and air cargo requirements will fuel a dramatic expansion of the aviation industry, and require a complete restructure of the existing air transportation system architecture. This industry growth is creating a range of opportunities in the aviation industry for individuals who possess aviation and aerospace management skills.

The Purdue Aviation/Purdue University partnership will be in full swing this Fall semester, allowing even more students internships, class projects, hands on experience and research opportunities.

"We (Purdue Aviation) greatly value our partnerships not only with Purdue University but also with Phillips 66 Aviation," said Pittard. "The service and competitive pricing provided by Phillips 66 has really supported our FBO and helped us grow our business. We really see them not just our branded fuel provider, but a friend in the business."

Phillips 66 Aviation is also passionate about powering the next generation of aviation, earlier this year announcing a $5,000 donation to NBAA’s Schedulers & Dispatchers Scholarship Fund. Additionally they are a proud supporter of the EAA Young Eagles, a program dedicated to giving youth ages 8–17 their first free ride in an airplane.

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