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Phillips 66® Aviation branded Trego-Dugan Aviation has been in the business for the past 50-plus years, and shows no sign of slowing down. The FBO of the Plains just made headlines following the November 3rd grand opening of its newest facility in Grand Island, servicing flights in and out of Central Nebraska Regional Airport (KGRI). Trego-Dugan also has a presence at Chicago Executive Airport (KPWK) and North Platte Regional Airport (KLBF).

The new facility is following suit to the major upgrades being made at the airport. The Federal Aviation Administration awarded a $9.8 million grant to KGRI for its new $14.1 million passenger terminal which is slated to be finished in February 2016. The airport has experienced tremendous growth over the years, moving from 6,000-7,000 boardings per year in 2009 to approximately 70,000 currently. After adding airline ground handling in 2009, the airport ramped up its flights and now offers nonstop service to Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Orlando, Florida.

While Trego-Dugan’s old facility had a tremendous amount of character, it was dated and limited on size and functionality. The new, state-of-the-art, more spacious building boasts a private conference room, a more comfortable, private pilot’s lounge, fast Wi-Fi, and, of course, great fuel prices.

All In At Grand Island

“We didn’t have the luxury of having a soft opening,” said Zachary Thompson, vice president and director of maintenance. “One day we were doing business out of our old facility and the next we had to be moved in and fully up and running in the new space. It took all hands on deck, from the maintenance department, to ground handlers, to our customer service reps to make it happen.”

Originally founded by Gary Trego in 1970, the FBO was passed down in the early ‘90s to son-in-law Vincent Dugan and his wife, Traci, who today run the businesses. The Trego-Dugan family of companies specializes in aviation services, including jet management, private jet charter, aircraft acquisition, jet and turboprop maintenance, avionics and FBO services.

“We still operate on the same Midwest work ethic that this company was founded on,” said Dugan. “Our new Grand Island facility is well designed and offers our customers quick turns when they’re short on time, and the ultimate comfortable space to kick up their feet, rest and recharge when needed.”

A Friendly Face Welcomes Guests

While the new facility hosts a slew of modern luxuries, an older relic stands outside, greeting customers and aircraft as they descend on Grand Island Airport. Rocket Bob is a towering, 10-foot plus carved wooden statue that has been a fixture at KGRI since the late ‘80s. The elements had taken their toll on Bob, giving artist and Trego-Dugan administrative assistant, Jean Cook, a new project.

When Jean could find some time away from her desk job, she worked on Bob, filling in holes and cracks, and giving him a fresh coat of custom-colored paint. The process took about three months and approximately 100 hours to restore Rocket Bob back to his original rootin’-tootin’ splendor.

“It was a fun challenge and I feel privileged that I was able to be a part of something so iconic,” said Cook.

The aircraft that Rocket Bob sits on is modeled after one that Trego-Dugan uses for its charter service.

“Our old building stood for 40 years, and flights are so used to that location at the airport,” said Thompson. “Rocket Bob is a big help directing flights to our new facility. He’s hard to miss.”

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