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All peaks, no valleys for business at valley airways

Owners of Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) typically wear a number of hats when managing the daily operations of their facilities – customer service representative, aircraft mechanic, fueler, charter operator, weatherman … the list goes on and on. However, not every owner can say they serve as assistant fire chief of the airport. Dick Bosn, Valley Airways owner, can.

Safety First in Scottsbluff

Bosn has co-owned the Phillips 66® Aviation branded FBO since 1975, becoming the sole owner in 1998. Boasting the best quick turns in the West, Valley Airways' website gives a rundown of its services, including fueling, charters, aircraft maintenance, de-icing capabilities and advanced flight training. The site also features firefighting photos from the western nebraska regional airport crash rescue. Currently the airport has three trucks on-site, all equipped with light water, an additive that floats on top of fuel to smother out the fire.

Western Nebraska Regional Airport has a Part 139 airport certification from the FAA. This designation serves to ensure safety in air transportation. To maintain this certificate, Bosn and his fire rescue unit complete training once a month in Scottsbluff and once a year at the Wyoming Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) Training Facility in Casper, Wyoming. There, first responders are able to complete live fire exercises so if and when there is an emergency crash landing, the team will be prepared to handle the situation.

Support from the Ground Up

In addition to serving as assistant fire chief for the past 30-plus years, Bosn has also remained true to Phillips 66 Aviation, being a branded dealer also for more than 30 years. So what is it that keeps Valley Airways a loyal Phillips 66 provider? According to Bosn, a lot has to do with the support and variety of programs offered by Phillips that helps FBOs like Valley Airways grow its business and succeed.

The recently expanded Partners-Into-Plane contract fuel program has helped drive business to Valley Airways.

"Partners-Into-Plane is really a heck of a program that’s allowed Valley Airways to compete with big players and support the national market," said Bosn. "Not only can our FBO fuel commercial carriers at high volumes, but within 24-36 hours our facility receives an electronic reimbursement for the transactions. The entire process from start to finish is easy, and truly helps my business succeed."

More and more cross-country flights come through Scottsbluff, some stopping to refuel as they continue on their journey to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, or attending national conferences like NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers. But no matter what the destination, folks will be well serviced and in safe hands touching down at Valley Airways.

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For more information about the Partners-Into-Plane contract fuel program, contact Phillips 66 Aviation at 866-535-0138 or