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Small but mighty. That’s the best way to describe the team of six at Valley Airways, a family-run Fixed Base Operator (FBO) located at Western Nebraska Regional Airport (KBFF) in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. As the only FBO at KBFF, Valley Airways has become a staple in the quaint, Mid-West town, providing a full slate of services to the thousands of aircraft that fly in and out of the airport each year.

Despite facing a hard hit in fuel sales and traffic from the pandemic, Valley Airways quickly bounced back in 2021 and has since been a huge help to the first responders fighting nearby prairie fires. In fact, Valley Airways President and Owner Dick Bosn and his team recently provided fuel support to the U.S. Army National Guard, fueling up two Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters and a Boeing CH-47 Chinook over a four-day period—helping to ensure the prairie fires didn’t spread.

KBFF is also a diversionary airport for United Airlines, serving as a fuel-stop for flights when weather or other delays at Denver International Airport prevent immediate landing. “We’ve had up to nine of them here at one time,” Bosn said, referring to the United Airline passenger flights. His team, as usual, was ready and waiting to fuel each plane and send them on their way back to their destinations as soon as possible.

Bosn credits his team’s experience and hard-work ethic for providing such fast fuel and quality maintenance services for first responders and passenger airliners alike. “We can fuel up a plane before someone finishes going to the restroom,” he says with a familiar chuckle. “If we can do that, I am happy.”

Bosn opened Valley Airways in 1975, along with four other business partners. The trained mechanic is now the sole owner, working closely with his son and several other well-trained employees to provide fueling, charter services, round-the-clock aircraft maintenance, de-icing capabilities and advanced flight training. The facilities at Valley Airways include heated hangars, a spacious lobby and pilot lounge, kitchen with coffee and snacks, executive conference room and workout area.

“We’re a good fuel-stop for transcontinental flights and we’re easy to get in and out of,” Bosn said. “They come for the good fuel prices and the great, fast service.”

Much of Valley Airways’ business comes from fuel sales for corporate, commercial air taxis and private charter flights. Valley Airways has been a loyal Phillips 66® Aviation fuel partner for more than 40 years, offering Phillips 66 Contract Fuel and WingPoints® Rewards. For more information about Valley Airways, visit

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