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Created to serve the medical community, vertiport chicago is chicago's only downtown heliport

As North America's largest helicopter landing facility, Vertiport Chicago spans ten acres in the heart of the Illinois Medical District and serves as Chicago's only downtown heliport.

Vertiport Chicago, a Phillips 66® Aviation branded FBO, is a state-of-the-art FBO that offers more than fuel. Services include tours of the city, executive charters, SkyShare capabilities and more. However, the bulk of Vertiport Chicago's services, including 70% of fuel sales, is with the hundreds of EMS helicopter landings that rely solely on Vertiport Chicago to provide streamlined and efficient EMS transportation, allowing medical professionals to focus on the patient's needs.

Medical History

Vertiport Chicago plays a crucial role in providing emergency medical transportation in Chicago. Vertiport Chicago provides landing services and Phillips 66 Aviation top-rated fuels to all but one hospital in the area, whether for an emergency life flight, lifesaving organ deliveries or transferring a patient to receive specialized care.

Vertiport Chicago has streamlined the process for EMS personnel in order to most efficiently transport patients in need. Ambulances have an exclusive entry to the tarmac in which the sounds of emergency sirens automatically trigger the gate to open. This allows ambulances to quickly access the tarmac without any delay or error. To make emergency medical landings at Vertiport Chicago even more accessible, landing fees for EMS helicopters are waived.

"We're here to service the EMS community first," says Anthony Pontarelli, CEO of Vertiport Chicago. "Since Vertiport Chicago's founding in 2015, we've existed to serve Chicago by ensuring that patients have access to the fastest medical care possible."

Services to Help Chicago Grow

The wide variety of services offered by Vertiport Chicago keep the heliport facility and business booming in Chicago. Tours of the city allow Chicagoans and tourists to experience Chicago like never before. SkyLimo allows passengers to soar over traffic and reach their destination in style and on time. You can even SkyShare your flight to create an affordable and collaborative experience. Additionally, Executive Charters are provided for patrons who want a true VIP experience.

Vertiport Chicago hopes that these ancillary services will continue to support the priority EMS efforts offered and serve as unique business and tourist opportunities for Chicago, making Chicago an even more desirable city for business endeavors and visitors alike.

"We're proud to offer the medical community, our private visitors and fuel our tours and charters with Phillips 66 Aviation fuels," says Pontarelli. "Being part of the Phillips 66 Branded FBO network since our founding, we use the tools and services provided to us, including all safety training courses, to ensure that we can provide Chicago with the best facility and top-rated fuels; not only to help Chicago move, but to help Chicago grow."

Of the suite of programs offered to Phillips 66 Aviation Branded FBOs, Vertiport Chicago takes advantage of, an online resource center for fuel handlers, packed with technical information and data, training tools, calculators and the most current fuel quality assurance guidance. Vertiport Chicago also utilizes Phillips 66 Aviation offered NATA Safety 1st Online Training, both NATA Safety 1st and ACE SafetyPro, covering everything from Ground Servicing, Safety and Fuel Farm Management to Customer Service, Fire Safety and Aviation Security.

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