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In 1990, the late Conrad Yelvington and his daughter, Darlene Yelvington, teamed up to start Yelvington Jet Aviation. The company originally began as a mobile aircraft refueling service for the airports of the greater Daytona Beach area, which included Deland (DED), Ormond (OMN), New Smyrna (EVB), Massey Ranch Airpark (X50) and Spruce Creek Fly-In (7FL6).

In 1996, Gary Yelvington, Conrad’s son, continued the developing efforts of his father by obtaining a lease from Volusia County to build the then-second FBO at the international airport. This approval process took over a year of persistence before any approval could be given to break ground. Two additional years of construction followed before the Yelvington Jet Aviation FBO finally opened its doors at Daytona Beach International Airport (KDAB) in July 1998.

Yelvington, a Phillips 66 branded, full-service FBO at KDAB, also runs a satellite operation at Spruce Creek Fly-In where only fuel is offered to the residential flying community. Here, Yelvington offers the residents of 7FL6 the choice of “full-serve” delivery by fuel truck or self-service from the Yelvington fuel farm which is located adjacent to the private runway.

This prime real estate in Daytona is perfect for rapid arrivals and departures due to an almost nonexistent taxi time as well as lending itself useful for intersection departures during special events and daily operations alike.

A RedCarpet Experience

Tenants of the FBO can utilize police-escorted shuttles back and forth from the Daytona International Speedway for special events while Yelvington can store and maintain the tenants’ personal cars. Every effort is made to accommodate whatever need a customer may have, even if it’s not financially beneficial to the FBO. Being dedicated to the customer and offering five-star service, no matter what, guarantees that customer usesYelvington Jet Aviation every time they fly into Daytona Beach.

Part of this five-star service comes from their partnership with Phillips 66 Aviation, where they utilize the Contract Fuel program, and WingPoints Rewards.

“One thing I have noticed about Phillips 66 is that no matter what question I may have, they have a subject matter expert that can help me,” says Adam Hasbrouck, general manager of Yelvington Jet Aviation. “Each one of these experts is extremely passionate, not only about his field of knowledge, but also about supporting his customer.”

One of the first customers of the FBO was Paul Newman, who used the facility every year when he raced in the 24hours of Daytona. Yelvington also hosted Marine One for several years whenever the president was in the area, and they currently host FOX Sports every year for their NASCAR production.

The location in Daytona Beach allows Yelvington to offer tech stop services for those traveling to and from the Caribbean, often saving time and money compared to some of the bigger airports to the south. Due to the area’s number of vacation homes and beach condos, the FBO services several longtime customers that have become part of the Yelvington Jet Aviation family.

The team loves bringing new and repeat customers into the fold and looks forward to providing many years of quality customer service by providing the customer base with safe and efficient operations. The FBO is looking to expand its space and services in the future and to servicing the Coke Zero 400 race in July 2019.

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