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CAN Partners with Spider-Man to Enlist 10-Year-Old for High-Stakes Mission

March, 2020

Corporate Angel Network teamed up with Spider-Man to give a 10-year-old cancer patient, Prestun, a very important mission.

Corporate Angel Network (CAN) partnered with Spider-Man to give a 10-year-old cancer patient, Prestun, a very important mission – deliver Iron Man’s broken arm to Batman.

Prestun, who was on his way from Florida to New York City for a doctor’s appointment, was surprised by Spider-Man at the Florida airport and informed of his significant responsibility. Upon arriving in Philadelphia, Prestun’s next stop, he would need to deliver Iron Man’s broken arm to Batman for repair.

As the aircraft was taxiing, Prestun saw Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Captain America eagerly awaiting his arrival. Prestun completed his mission and visited with the superheroes until he and his parents left for his appointment in New York City.

The high-stakes mission was coordinated by The Humble Heroes of NY and CAN.

The Humble Heroes is a group of committed volunteers joining forces to achieve one common goal; to lift the spirits of ill and grieving children. Disguised as the most infamous superheroes of our time, they visit local hospitals and grief centers, bringing hope & joy to kids fighting life’s injustices.

CAN’s mission is to help cancer patients access the best treatment centers in the country by arranging free transportation on corporate aircraft. The organization does this by utilizing empty seats onboard business aircraft during routine business trips. If your company is interested in helping to fill seats with hope, contact

Phillips 66 Aviation is a longtime partner of CAN and has sponsored the Corporate Angel Award since 2010. The award recognizes four corporations that have demonstrated outstanding dedication as participants of CAN. It is celebrated annually at NBAA-BACE.