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Choreographing Aviation Events, Talking to a Corporate Scheduler

September, 2017

A conversation with this year's SDC2018 registration winner

Susan Moss has been working in the aviation industry for the past 15 years, currently working as the Aviation Administration Manager/Scheduler for Textron Inc. She was the lucky recipient who won the Phillips 66® Aviation sponsored giveaway, registration to SDC2018. She’s been attending the conference since 2003 and has actively been on the NBAA S&D committee for the past four years. Most recently she’s served on the education and development subcommittee, helping to plan for all educational sessions offered to attendees that totaled 2,900 this past year.

"There are approximately 35 sessions throughout the week. The committee members select topics that will appeal to the majority of attendees, and with technology, rules and regulations always changing, there’s literally something new to learn every year, no matter how long you’ve been in the business."

Since starting at Textron in 1998, Susan has learned about aviation from the ground up, beginning first as an executive assistant and now scheduling aircraft for senior executives and employees at Textron, ensuring they get to business meetings throughout the country as well as internationally.

"On a daily basis I interact with crew members and maintenance staff to ensure that everything is in sync. We put the plans in place to get the missions accomplished."

According to Susan, one of the best parts about the job is that every day is different.

"It’s a fast-paced environment and change is the only constant. Sometimes it’s a challenge because the pieces of the puzzle are always moving, but it’s also exciting. It’s like choreographing an event, and you’re always moving toward success in the mission and for the department."

Staying in the Know and Networking at S&D

The biggest thing that Susan has noticed after attending S&D for almost 15 years is that no matter whether an attendee is new, aspiring or a seasoned scheduler, going to S&D means that you’ll leave with more knowledge than when you came.

"I can admit that I was scared to death at my first event. but you meet other newbies and you hang out together. Through the years you form so many connections. I’ve met people from across the country and have made lifelong friends. When you see a new scheduler, you mentor them – I started as the mentee and have now become the mentor. The whole process of inclusion is humbling."

"To have a company such as Phillips 66 place so much emphasis on schedulers and dispatchers shows that the organization respects us for what we do in the general aviation environment."

"It’s just a great opportunity for everyone from FBOs to vendors to network. Plus, you get to put a face with a name. It’s so nice to meet different corporate aviation departments to talk about how they do things. You learn from the formal education sessions and you learn from each other. I’m always happy to be a part of it and I’m looking forward to attending S&D 2018. Thanks again to Phillips 66 and congratulations on 90 years in aviation."