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Dupage Flight Center Celebrates 20 Years with Phillips 66 Aviation

July, 2015

WEST CHICAGO, Ill. – Phillips 66® Aviation today announced the contract renewal of DuPage Flight Center (DuPage), a full-service FBO owned by the DuPage Airport Authority, serving Chicagoland’s DuPage Airport. DuPage has offered Phillips 66 fuel to its customer base since 1995.

DuPage is a world-class facility that offers a wide array of professional amenities and aviation services, including modern passenger and crew lounges, conference rooms, concierge services, VIP facilities, exercise facilities, gourmet catering, an on-site restaurant, courtesy cars and car rental, as well as overnight aircraft storage. The FBO does not charge landing fees, and waives ramp fees with a minimum fuel purchase.

“DuPage strongly values the relationships we hold with our customers and vendors, including Phillips 66 Aviation,” said Steve Davis, DuPage Airport Authority Board Chairman. “Our long-standing contract with Phillips 66 is a testament to the quality fuel, and FBO services they have provided to us for the past 20 years. We appreciate their dedication and attention to service and our customers appreciate purchasing the highest quality jet and aviation gasoline fuels. We’re proud to continue our decades-long relationship and look forward to the future as a Phillips 66 branded FBO.”

DuPage is open 24/7, and has on-site U.S. Customs to handle all international arrivals. It’s the only facility of its kind in Illinois with four active runways, two ILS approaches, and a one-million-square-foot apron. DuPage’s recently widened primary runway is 7,571 feet by 150 feet, the longest in Chicagoland outside of O’Hare Airport, providing operational flexibility to accommodate any business-class aircraft, including Boeing Business Jets. For more information, visit