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Virtual aviators compete in new video game from Phillips 66 Aviation

July, 2020

Phillips 66® Aviation is excited to announce the launch of the fuel brand’s first-ever digital video game. Presented by Phillips 66 Contract Fuel, In Flight allows players to command the pilot’s seat, as they fly their virtual plane through the air, avoid obstacles and rack up points.

The more obstacles gamers dodge, the more points they score. At the end of each month, the top three players on the leaderboard with the highest scores will receive a pair of Ray-Ban® Aviators. If there are multiple players with the same high score, they will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win the sunglasses.

“In an era where people rely on virtual experiences for entertainment, this is a way for Phillips 66 to connect with aviation enthusiasts and share in the passion for flight,” said Lindsey Grant, Manager, General Aviation, Phillips 66. “Especially this year, since we can’t see everybody in person at EAA AirVenture, we hope this game entertains and helps bring the community together with a little friendly competition.”

There are 12 levels of the game, which have different themes and various objects to avoid, including clouds, balloons and UFOs. Players have unlimited chances to replay levels, while attempting to place at the top of the leaderboard.

Users can play In Flight on their desktop or mobile device. The game is free. No app is required. To play the game and to view official game rules, visit

About Phillips 66® Aviation

Phillips 66 is one of the largest refiners in the United States and a top supplier of jet fuels and avgas to private, commercial and military aviation. Our extensive network of refineries, pipelines and supply terminals translates into secure, cost-effective supply now and in the future. Phillips 66 Aviation supports the nation’s largest branded dealer network. Currently, Phillips 66 Aviation supplies jet fuel and avgas to a network of more than 800 Fixed Base Operations. For more information, visit and like us on Facebook. Phillips 66 is a trademark of Phillips 66 Company or one of its subsidiaries.

About Phillips 66® Aviation Contract Fuel

The Phillips 66® Aviation Contract Fuel Program offers discounted fuel nationwide, through a streamlined process with no cards and no releases. The program was established nearly 45 years ago, and it is the longest active contract fuel program offered by any U.S. refiner. Phillips 66 Contract Fuel is currently available at nearly 200 Phillips 66 branded FBOs in the U.S. The roughly 475 participating members include major and regional passenger airlines, cargo, recreational, charter, corporate, commercial, air ambulance, firefighting, and other specialty operators.