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New Regional Sales Rep, General Aviation, U.S. Sales Named by Phillips 66 Aviation

February, 2018

HOUSTON – Phillips 66® Aviation is pleased to announce that Charlie Gibson, currently Account Specialist, Contracts & Customer Service, Marketing Services will transition to Regional Sales Rep, General Aviation, U.S. Sales.

In the newly created role, Gibson will support sales activities of aviation dealers, marketers, unbranded and contract fuel accounts. In addition to providing outstanding customer service and maintaining the high quality service of the current customer base, this position is also responsible for customer data analytics and field support to enable volume growth.

"Gibson’s time at Phillips 66 has already been incredibly fruitful and we are glad to see her take on this new role," said Eric McMurphy, Sales Manager, General Aviation. "Gibson’s keen analytical skills and remarkable customer service will make her not only an excellent regional sales representative, but also an irreplaceable member of the team."

Gibson joined the Phillips 66 marketing organization in 2015 through an internship in Sales Force Excellence. In 2016, Gibson joined KATALYST, the premier energy commodity supply & trading development program for market-savvy university hires established by the Phillips 66 Commercial Supply & Trading organization. While in KATALYST, Gibson experienced a dynamic, 90-day immersion to the energy value chain.

Upon graduating from KATALYST in 2016, Gibson was hired in her most recent role of Account Specialist, Contracts & Customer Service, Marketing Services.

Originally from Ada, Oklahoma, Gibson is a graduate of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma where she studied economics and finance.

Gibson will office in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and report directly to McMurphy.

To learn more about Phillips 66 Aviation, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.