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Phillips 66 Aviation Expands Compassion Flight Program

June, 2017

Three Charities Added as Eligible Participating Organizations

HOUSTON – Phillips 66® Aviation today announced it has expanded its roster of eligible organizations included in its Compassion Flight Fuel Rebate Program. Aviation Angels of Hope, Aviation in Action and Children’s Flight of Hope bolster the list bringing the total eligible organizations to more than thirty.

Launched in June 2010, the Compassion Flight Fuel Rebate Program offers pilots a $1-per-gallon avgas rebate when they provide free air transportation to seriously ill children and adults, transporting them to be treated at the best medical facilities and hospitals in the country. Compassion flights also supports charities that provide transportation for organs, blood and patients awaiting organ transplants.

"By alleviating some of the cost of avgas it’s our hope that more pilots will fly for these incredibly worthy organizations, providing more flights and more life-saving trips to those in need," said R.G. (Greg) Still, Manager, General Aviation. "Phillips 66 Aviation will continue to support pilots who dedicate their time, energy, and planes for compassion flights. Let’s continue to overcome medical hurdles, and take travel obstacles out of the picture."

To date, countless seats have been filled with appreciative patients, and those family members that care for them most. Battling a medical condition is overwhelming, and Phillips 66 believes that patients should concentrate their energy on what matters most – getting better.

Additional details about the Compassion Flight Fuel Rebate Program can be found here.