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Phillips 66 Aviation launches its own virtual experience

December, 2020

In the wake of another event cancellation, Phillips 66 Aviation launches its own virtual experience

HOUSTON (Dec. 1, 2020) – The Phillips 66® Aviation Virtual Experience launches today, allowing people to virtually connect and interact with the fuel brand from the comfort of their own home or office.

The first-of-its-kind digital experience is designed as a virtual tradeshow and will allow users to explore various exhibits, watch videos and presentations, and find information regarding Phillips 66 Aviation programs like Contract Fuel, WingPoints Rewards, credit cards and more.

“With in-person events continuing to be cancelled, we decided to create a more compelling virtual hub where customers, prospects and aviation enthusiasts can find information and quickly contact one of our representatives,” said Lindsey Grant, Manager, Aviation, Phillips 66. “We hope this is a fun way for people to interact with the brand, just as they would on the tradeshow floor.”

The Virtual Experience will live throughout the year and be updated with more information from the Phillips 66 branded network of FBOs, webinars and educational resources. Current webinars available to view include:

·       Three Keys to Aviation Fuel: Receive, Manage and Deliver

·       Benefits of Contract Fuel

·       Verifying Fuel Type: The Key to Aircraft Misfueling Prevention

The platform will be utilized even when in-person tradeshows resume, as a digital extension for those that can’t attend in person.

To explore the Phillips 66 Aviation Virtual Experience, visit

For more information about Phillips 66 Aviation, visit

About Phillips 66® Aviation

Phillips 66 is one of the largest refiners in the United States and a top supplier of jet fuels and avgas to private, commercial and military aviation. Our extensive network of refineries, pipelines and supply terminals translates into secure, cost-effective supply now and in the future. Phillips 66 Aviation supports the nation’s largest branded dealer network. Currently, Phillips 66 Aviation supplies jet fuel and avgas to a network of more than 800 Fixed Base Operations. For more information, visit and like us on Facebook. Phillips 66 is a trademark of Phillips 66 Company or one of its subsidiaries.