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Pilots: Meet Our Experts at Airventure 2014

July, 2014

Phillips 66's Rosemary Leone and Steven Strollo will be presenting seminars at the upcoming 2014 EAA AirVenture.

Rosemary Leone - Phillips 66 Young Eagles Rebate

Rosemary Leone has been working with the Phillips 66 General Aviation team for over 10 years and has been a pilot and aircraft owner for over 25 years. This presentation will help Young Eagles pilots and chapter coordinators understand how the Phillips 66 Young Eagles rebate works and how chapters can maximize their benefits.

Steven Strollo - Aviation Oils 101 Seminar 

Steven Strollo has been employed in the lubrication field for the last 15 years. This presentation, an accepted IA renewal course, provides basic information concerning the various aspects of piston aviation engine oils. Topics covered will include viscosity, the major functions of a lubricant, aviation engine oil specifications, the advantages of multigrade engine oil, commons reasons cited for not using a multigrade engine oil, and Phillips 66 aviation engine oils.