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Rosemary Leone Retires from Phillips 66 Aviation

May, 2015

Rosemary Leone has dedicated the past twelve years to working with the Phillips 66® General Aviation team. For anyone who has spoken to Rosemary, it's obvious that her passion for aviation runs deep. As a pilot and aircraft owner for over 28 years, she will continue to spread her wings and officially retire from Phillips 66 this month.

Her first aviation job was as a co-owner of a flight school. With the help of her business partner, Legacy Aviation opened in 1999 with the focus on providing flight training in newer technology aircraft. They were the first to offer technically advanced aircraft training as well as glass cockpit. Rosemary and her business partner often joked about writing a book on how to run an aviation business without giving up your day job. (Rosemary worked at Phillips 66, and her business partner worked at Cessna Aircraft Company).

Prior to Phillips 66 Rosemary worked at Caterpillar Inc. and IBM, in technical sales positions and sales management. She came to work for Phillips 66 after hearing about an available regional sales rep role through a contact she had made from racing airplanes cross-country. To prove that aviation is a small world, Rosemary had met her Texas contact because she knew her mother from participation in the Ninety-Nines, an international organization of women pilots.

Rosemary has an undeniable way of connecting with customers, being able to "talk shop" and setting their minds at ease with practical solutions to navigate through any business issue. She truly cares about her customers' success – a trait that's followed her through her career progression at Phillips 66.

Rosemary will retire as Director, Programs Development, where she focused her time with the programs that Phillips 66 offers for its branded Fixed Base Operators (FBOs), including WingPoints®, Phillips 66 credit cards and card processing, the rebate programs for pilots and also handled many of the day-to-day questions that came in. Additionally, she provided insight to teammates about pilot and aircraft owner perspectives.

Rosemary and her husband, also a pilot, plan to fly their vintage 1949 Beech Bonanza to destinations all over the country. So you never can tell when they might fly into your FBO on one of their many journeys!

Congratulations Rosemary, and warm wishes on your next chapter!