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Spirit of St. Louis Airport Celebrates 50 Years with Phillips 66 Aviation

July, 2015

ST. LOUIS – The business aviation center of the Midwest, Spirit of St. Louis Airport, recently renewed their fuel contract with Phillips 66® Aviation. The vendor/dealer relationship was originally established in 1965, just one year after the airport officially opened its doors.

The county-owned airport is a unique location. Phillips 66 supplies fuel to the airport authority who then sells the fuel to every independently owned FBO on site. This ensures top-quality fuel for every airplane that flies in and out of Spirit of St. Louis Airport.

“Our relationship with Phillips 66 is very important,” said John Bales, director, Spirit of St. Louis Airport. “They support us with marketing, outstanding training and quality control, as well as product delivery. We value our loyal affiliation with Phillips and look forward to partnering with them for many more years.”

Spirit of St. Louis Airport believes that quiet flying is good business, which is why they recently built a large, $3.2 million ground run-up enclosure (GRE) – the second one ever at a general aviation airport in North America. The ground run-up procedures allow aircraft operators to test engines at full-on throttle, making sure they are in safe operating condition while lessoning the impact of noise on the surrounding community. The GRE can reduce run-up noise by approximately 15 decibels.

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