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Trego-Dugan Aviation Welcomes Flights to New FBO Facility in Grand Island, Nebraska

December, 2015

Trego-Dugan Aviation Welcomes Flights to New FBO Facility in Grand Island, Nebraska

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. – Phillips 66® Aviation branded Trego-Dugan is proud to announce the November 3rd grand opening of its new FBO facility in Grand Island, servicing flights in and out of Central Nebraska Regional Airport (KGRI). In addition to Trego-Dugan Grand Island, Inc., the family-owned and operated company also operates Trego-Dugan Jet Management, serving Chicago Executive Airport (KPWK), and Trego-Dugan Aviation, Inc., the company’s original FBO and headquarters, servicing North Platte Regional Airport (KLBF).

Trego-Dugan is a Platinum ARGUS International, Inc. (ARGUS) rated-operator, the highest distinction awarded to charter operators around the world. ARGUS, a specialized aviation services company, evaluates historical safety ratings, current aircraft, pilot background checks and on-site safety audits. Currently, only 130 operators are platinum rated.

“In constructing our new facility in Grand Island, we were able to utilize the information we’ve acquired throughout the years operating as a Platinum ARGUS charter operator to design a facility that caters to the specific needs from a passenger’s perspective,” said Vincent Dugan, president for Trego-Dugan. The state-of-the-art facility boasts a plush pilot’s lounge, modern conference room and top-line weather and computer service amenities. Service offerings include airline ground handling, avionics installations, a robust maintenance shop and Phillips 66 Aviation fuel available 24/7.

A unique feature of Trego-Dugan Grand Island is Rocket Bob, a, towering 10-foot-tall wooden statue that greets all arriving aircraft. The relic, which has been a fixed attraction at the airport for nearly the past 30 years, was recently refurbished back to its original wild western luster by Trego-Dugan administrative assistant and artist, Jean Cook.

“Rocket Bob is a reminder of Trego-Dugan’s 50-plus year history as a frontier-based, convenient fueling destination for aircraft needing to stop mid-way through their cross-country destinations,” said Dugan. “Grand Island has always been an ideal central stopping point, but today it’s also recognized as a desired final destination.”

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