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The finest FBOs you’ll ever set foot in. Amazing individuals working selflessly for the future of aviation. Fuel news. Reports from the field and from some of the industry’s biggest events. You’ll find it all on this page. Check back often for the latest in aviation news.

Vertiport Chicago

February 2018

Chicago, Illinois

As North America’s largest helicopter landing facility, Vertiport Chicago spans ten acres in the heart of the Illinois Medical District and serves as Chicago’s only downtown heliport. Vertiport Chicago, a Phillips 66® Aviation branded FBO, is a state-of-the-art FBO that offers more than fuel. Services include tours of the city, executive charters, SkyShare capabilities and more.


Bemidji Aviation

January 2018

Bemidji, Minnesota

Paul Shough, the president of Bemidji Aviation Services, Inc., (Bemidji Aviation) servicing Bemidji Regional Airport (KBJI), is passionate about promoting aviation to the next generation. Very often you’ll find a school touring the facility, checking out hangars, examining an aircraft’s controls in the pilot’s seat and chatting with the FBO’s employees who can speak to the “coolness” of being around aviation every day.


KCAC Aviation

December 2017

Olathe, Kansas

There’s something about watching planes taking off and landing that fascinates children and adults alike. Many individuals share a similar childhood memory, with trips to the local airport with mom, dad, grandpa or grandma for a free aerial show. Working in the aviation industry rarely diminishes this love.


Jefferson City Flying Service

November 2017

Jefferson City, Missouri

As with many who work in the aviation industry, it just sort of happened. And once you get a taste of the industry, many end up becoming "lifers." Such is the story with Jefferson City Flying Service (JCFS) partner, Grant Shorthose.


Silverhawk Aviation

October 2017

Lincoln, Nebraska

Midwesterners are very often viewed as friendlier than your average American, and Silverhawk Aviation’s family of 80 employees continues to reinforce this positive stereotype, doing whatever it takes to provide their customers with a great experience from takeoff touchdown.


Midwest Premier SGF Aviation

September 2017

Springfield, Missouri

There are a number of fables that exist about the origination of the name Phillips 66® ... Frank Phillips was 66 years old when he started the company ... brothers Frank and L.E. Phillips had only $66 left between them when they hit their first oil well. While these are interesting theories, they are not true. What is true is Phillips 66 is a nod to the iconic Route 66. Plus it sounded catchy. How fitting that Phillips 66® Aviation branded FBO Midwest Premier SGF Aviation (Midwest Premier) services Springfield, Missouri, nicknamed the "Birthplace of Route 66.


Central Missouri Aviation

August 2017

Columbia, Missouri

Longtime Phillips 66® Aviation branded location, Central Missouri Aviation, Inc. (CMA) is coming up on their 40th anniversary in aviation – no small feat for any business. So what’s the secret to the FBO’s success?


Valair Aviation

July 2017

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Centrally located on Wiley Post Airport (KPWA) in Oklahoma City, Valair Aviation (Valair) has a history just as rich as the airport’s famed aviator namesake. Dating back to the World War II-era, Valair, originally known as the ServiCenter, has delivered customized solutions to private, commercial and government customers operating turbine and mid-size corporate jets for the past 70 years.


Westjet Air Center

June 2017

Rapid City, South Dakota

With more than 20,000 hours of flying time between them, Westjet Air Center, Inc. (Westjet) owners Don and Linda Rydstrom know a thing or two about truly catering to the needs of their aviation customers.


Gill Aviation

May 2017

Spring, Texas

Ask any FBO owner and they’ll tell you how vital great customer service is to the success of their business not only in maintaining and growing a customer base, but also in setting the organization apart from the rest. No one understands this more than Jag Gill, President of Gill Aviation, an FBO that services David Wayne Hooks Airport (KDWH).


Elliott Aviation

April 2017

Moline, Illinois

Elliott Aviation is a second-generation, family-owned and operated business that has serviced the Quad Cities territory and beyond since 1936. What began as a business built on a passion for aviation has evolved over the years into a multifaceted aviation company that develops and delivers aviation solutions based on the ever-changing needs of the marketplace, flying ahead of trends and changes in technology.


Tac Air Tys

March 2017

Alcoa, Tennessee

Traveling whether by plane, train or automobile, gets a person from point A to point B. Landing at TAC Air TYS helps travelers along their journey with award-winning ground services, quick turns and the most competitive prices on Jet-A and 100LL Phillips 66® Aviation fuel.

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