Phillips 66® Aviation
refining and supply strength

Phillips 66® is among the largest refiners in the United States and a major supplier of jet fuels and avgas to private, commercial and military aviation. Our extensive network of refineries, pipelines and supply terminals are strategically located to provide reliable and cost-effective supply across the country. For you, this translates into secure supply now and in the future.

Innovation is at the heart of Phillips 66 Aviation
From the very beginning, Brothers L.E. and Frank Phillips have been taking aviation to new heights. They started out by developing lightweight fuels that would enable some of the most historic flights of our time.

Winning the War on Limitation
During World War II, Phillips Petroleum Company propelled Allied Forces to victory with the introduction of 100-octane fuel. The company also dedicated research on the ground to develop fuel that sent pilots soaring faster, higher and safer than ever before.

Beyond Victory
After the war, Phillips 66 continued to develop fuels that would surpass every level of expectation. For example, developing an anti-icing additive that saved lives and allowed planes to climb to new heights.

From Barnstormers to Fixed Base Operators
As East to West Coast travel opened up across the U.S., the economy flourished. To facilitate corporate travel even further, Phillips 66 began laying the foundation for some of the finest Fixed Base Operations (FBOs) in the country. Today, Phillips 66 Aviation supports top flight FBOs that will serve you almost anywhere across the nation with the most advanced fuel available.

Sky is Not the Limit
Phillips 66 continues to stay ahead of trend, surpassing industry standards in the sky and space, continuing to earn the title of “The Most Trusted Wings in Aviation®."