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Your line service crew counts on the trucks you provide them to get their job done.

We offer the most comprehensive maintenance plan in the business, and our lease rate includes preventive and emergency maintenance of each truck. This allows a Phillips 66 Aviation-branded dealer to budget a known amount for the truck and its maintenance and know that a breakdown won't bust the budget. Virtually all maintenance is covered under this industry-leading program. Normal and routine operations checks including tires and battery maintenance are the dealer's responsibility.

The large size of our national refueler fleet means that loaner units and spares are often available for short-term needs. These can include special events like air shows or during times when maintenance on your own trucks is required. Your regional Phillips 66 Aviation representative will work with you when special needs arise.

Pilots get their first impression of your facility when the fuel truck pulls up. That's why we have a paint allowance for your trucks. Complete decal sets are also provided at no cost to give your fleet a standardized, professional look.