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Phillips 66® Aviation Co-Op Advertising and Support Program is designed to help you promote and improve your FBO. Funds accrue with every gallon of jet or avgas that you purchase (net of contract fuel). The program reimburses 50% of approved expenses for advertising and services that help you offer a better experience for your customers. Submitting claims is easy throughout the automated BizLink® system. All reimbursements are limited to dealer accruals. Our goal is to help you offer the very best facility and services you can, while reducing your expenses. It's a formula that benefits the FBO, your customers and the Phillips 66 brand. Our program is very flexible and includes a powerful array of approved items, including these common FBO expenses:

  • Advertising and Printed Materials
  • Purchase Uniforms
  • Line Training and Safety
  • Credit Card Automation Equipment
  • Fuel Testing Equipment
  • NATA TM and State Aviation Dues
  • Aviation Facilities Upgrade