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As a proud supporter of pilots who fly compassion flights organized by eligible charitable organizations, Phillips 66® Aviation provides a $1-per-gallon avgas rebate to help support the pilots who selflessly donate their time and aircraft so that children and adults may access life-saving medical care free of charge.

$1-Per-Gallon Fuel Rebate Eligibility Requirements for Pilots:

  1. Volunteer pilot must be a member of a charitable organization approved by Phillips 66 Aviation to participate in this program.
  2. Rebate applies to avgas purchased using the Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card at Phillips 66 Aviation branded FBOs. Click here to apply. It does not apply to purchases of jet fuel, motor fuel or other fuel brands.
  3. Rebate applies to avgas purchased to fly a mission coordinated and approved by a charitable organization participating in this program.
  4. Volunteer pilot must complete the Claim Form and submit with the original or a copy of the credit card receipt(s).
  5. Claim form with all documentation must be submitted within 90 days of actual flight date.
  6. The $1-per-gallon rebate will be applied to the pilot's Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card balance within 2-3 billing cycles of receipt of the completed Claim Form.

Eligible Charities:

For information on participating as a volunteer pilot, contact one of the following participating organizations.

For information on the process for becoming an eligible organization, click here.