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Employee Spotlight December 2022 - Laura Rasmussen

Here’s the latest installment of the Phillips 66® Aviation Employee Spotlight. This quarter, we’re honored to highlight Laura Rasmussen, who, as of December 1st, is our newest member of the Aviation Sales team, after supporting the Aviation business as a Supply Coordinator for 4 years.

Name: Laura Rasmussen

Title: Contract Fuel Rep

Location: Houston, TX

Years with Phillips: 15 years

Describe yourself in three words: – Resilient, Intentional, Inquisitive

What’s your favorite Phillips 66-related memory? While attending the fuel coke conference in New Orleans, the terminal we used to load our barges onto vessels invited myself to a Mardi Gras ball. We spent the weekend attending parades and different activities with other customers, which was such a fun experience. By attending the event, I learned more about the terminals business and offerings. We were also able to leverage this new knowledge to identify other services the terminal could provide.

Briefly describe your professional history and how you arrived at Phillips 66: After graduating from college, I joined ConocoPhillips in the truck dispatch group and then moved to different roles within operations, gaining experience with multiple commodities and the transportation system. These roles included rail coordinator, crude scheduler, fuel coke scheduler, commercial development, and aviation supply coordinator. I really enjoy the people I have gotten to know at Phillips 66 and the diversity of jobs that makes it a place you can spend your entire career at.

What’s your background in aviation? Before joining the aviation group, I was looking for an opportunity to learn about our marketing group. I found the supply coordinator role and leveraged my prior experience giving me the exposure to marketing I was looking for. I have been in the aviation group for four years where I initially began by handling avgas supply then transitioned into supporting the jet supply for the last year. I am excited to get the opportunity to learn more about our marketing strategies in my new role as Contract Fuels Rep.

Where are you from? Have you lived anywhere interesting? I grew up in Houston with my family and went to college in Colorado to get a different experience outside of Texas. I have enjoyed living outside of Texas, but Houston is home and close to family.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? I love spending time with my family and friends, playing sports and taking vacations.

What’s your next vacation? My next vacation is to Denmark to visit my husband’s family and celebrate my nephew’s confirmation. We are excited to see our family and to visit some friends who moved to Norway.

What’s your favorite place to travel to? My favorite vacation spot is Destin, FL. We’ve been taking our family there for nine years and it is the most relaxing vacation. We just hang out at the beach and pool and enjoy the beautiful weather.

What’s a surprising fact about you? I played soccer in college, which has given me valuable life skills throughout my life, including time management. As a college athlete, the balance between life, school and the sport was crucial, so I learned quickly how to accomplish everything on my plate. To this day, time management is something I can tackle because of the commitment I made to my college soccer program.