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Employee Spotlight July 2020 - BYoutsey

Name: Bruce Youtsey

Title: General Aviation Sales Rep

Location: Abilene, KS

Years with Phillips 66: 30 (just celebrated my anniversary!)

Describe yourself in three words: Safety. Integrity. Passion. Those are three words I live by.

What do you love most about your job? What I love most is working with the talented Phillips 66 employees and my customers. I couldn’t do what I do without the entire team. They’re an incredible support and an awesome group that makes it very enjoyable.

What’s the most unusual or interesting job you’ve had? I’ve been in the Phillips 66 Aviation group for 15 wonderful years. Prior to that, I had several different jobs. One was in oil drilling and production. I have my college degree in engineering and went to work for Conoco after graduation. Whether it was on an off-shore platform in the Gulf of Mexico or in Rock Springs, Wyoming, I enjoyed my time visiting some beautiful places, which I may never would have otherwise.

What’s your background in aviation? I have a love of aviation. My father was an aviator, so I began flying when I was very young. I achieved my private pilot license at 17 and obtained several certificates thereafter. I was afforded the gift of being able to fly with my daughter, who is now a professional pilot. It’s a priceless memory. I strongly believe in the mantra, “if you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life.” And I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to work in an industry I am truly passionate about.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? I love being outdoors and working on the ranch, whether it be mowing, fixing something, or a project in the shop. Right now we’re in firewood cut-and-split mode, preparing for winter. Outside of work, I’m usually doing something until the sun goes down because it’s a beautiful time of the year.

What was your last vacation? We traveled around Germany for a couple of weeks. It’s a beautiful country with wonderful people. My daughter was studying abroad, so we went over to visit.

What’s your favorite place to travel to? I may live in God’s Country, but I love traveling to the Texas Hill Country. It’s just something about the people there and their way of life. I’ve got some good friends with a ranch there, and I love visiting.

Do you have a hidden talent? Where I live, I’m the resident plumber, electrician, construction worker... the general roustabout. I’m always being asked to fix something. But it’s nice because I have a shop, where I can spread out and work. I can go down there in the wintertime when it’s 5 degrees outside and keep the projects moving.

What are you most proud of? That’s easy. Married to my best friend for 30 years with two wonderful children.