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Refining and Supply Strength

Phillips 66 is among the largest refiners in the United States and a major supplier of jet fuels and avgas to general, commercial and military aviation. Our extensive network of refineries, pipelines and supply terminals are strategically located to provide reliable and cost-effective supply across the country. For you, this translates into secure supply now and in the future.

The Phillips 66 Aviation Fuels

Pilots and FBOs have been relying on Phillips 66 for more than 90 years as their source for the highest quality jet and aviation gasoline fuels. Our stature in aviation stretches back to WWII, when we developed 100-octane fuel. Later, we developed anti-icing additives for jet fuel and made technology improvements such as the controllable-pitch propeller, the first refueling truck, and the drag chute. At Phillips 66 Aviation, our dedication to innovation continues today. We remain an industry leader, providing forward-thinking programs and quality fuel for both the flying community and our vast network of high-quality FBOs.

Our Products