Phillips 66® Aviation
phillips 66 aviation lubricants

Phillips 66 Aviation has been an ardent supporter of general aviation since the earliest days of flight and is responsible for many firsts in the field.

  • First to develop multigrade piston aviation oil (X/C® 20W-50)
  • First FAA-approved SAE J-1899 listed, mineral oil-based multiviscosity aviation engine oil designed for the 120 grade (X/C® 25W-60)
  • First to invent the aviation refueler truck
  • First to market 100LL aviation gasoline
  • First to be voted pilots' favorite fuel brand for 10 years in a row

The Phillips 66 line of aviation lubricants is designed to exceed your expectations with premium single and multiviscosity engine oils and the highest quality hydraulic fluids. Approved by the FAA and leading engine manufacturers around the world, the Phillips 66 line of aviation lubricants offers everything your aircraft needs from break-in to TBO.

  • Single source for piston engine oils and hydraulic fluids
  • High-performance properties for extremes from Alaska to the tropics
  • Protective additive packages that exceed industry specifications
  • Phillips 66 X/C® can be used from break-in to TBO
  • Compatible with other brands

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